Susquehanna Trailways Policies

General information. Please read — it may save you some questions.


Susquehanna Trailways (STL) acts solely in the capacity of an agent on behalf of its tour patrons and, as such, arranges transportation, lodging, admissions, sightseeing and other services. We are not responsible for any damage, loss, delay, injury or accident due to any act or default on the part of any company or person engaged in providing transportation, lodging, sightseeing or other service which is part of any tour. Rates quoted in this publication are based on current tariffs at time of posting and although we anticipate no change, rates are subject to change at or prior to time of final payment. Susquehanna Trailways reserves the right when necessary to withdraw or make changes to any tour without notice. Any refund due will not exceed the actual purchase price of said tour.

Payment Policies

All deposits are due 14 calendar days (two weeks) after a reservation is made, unless the date of the trip is within that time period, then payment in full is required at time of reservation. Passengers will not receive bills for tours in the mail or on-line, instead payment should be made via mail, in person or by credit card. When sending payment via mail, please include a note specifying the tour, date and names of passengers. Credit card payment are accepted in person or over the phone. Receipts for credit card payments will be forwarded via mail or email. Receipts for other forms of payment will be sent via email or upon written request.

* If payment is not received within the above described time periods, Susquehanna Trailways reserves the right to cancel or reassign seating for the tour in question, without notice. We recommend travel insurance to protect your travel dollars.

One day tours

A minimum deposit of $10 per person is required within 14 days (two weeks) after reservation is made. Tours requiring advance (often non refundable) admission fees will demand more of a deposit, that amount will be made known when making the reservation. The balance is due 14 days prior to the departure of the tour.

Overnight tours

A minimum deposit of $50 per person is required within 14 days after reservation is made. The balance is due 30 days prior to the departure date.

Multiple day tours

A minimum deposit of $100 per person is required within 14 days after reservation is made. The balance is due 30 days prior to the departure date.


Refund checks will not be issued for cancellations until after the scheduled return date.

* If necessary to cancel a tour including a non-refundable ad­mission, our staff will try to sell the tickets but cannot ac­cept the sole responsibility. You can also try to sell or gift tickets yourself, please let us know if you do so and provide the updated contact information. Occasion­ally, it is necessary to cancel a tour due to a lack of ticket sales, make reservations early.

One day tours (no admission)

A full refund will be issued when cancellation is received 15 days or more prior to the tour’s departure date. A 75% refund will be issued when cancellation is received within 4-14 days prior to the tour’s departure date. No refund will be issued when cancellation is received 3 days or less prior to the tour’s departure date.

One day tours (with admission)

Refunds for one day tours including admission will be based on the attraction cancellation policy. Tours which include show tickets or sporting events may be non-refundable. However, refunds for the transportation portion will be the same as listed above.

Overnight tours

Refunds will be based on the admission policy when cancellation is received 31 days or more prior to the tour’s departure date. A 75% refund of the transportation charges will be issued when cancellation is received within 4-30 days before the tour’s departure date. No refund will be issued when cancellation is received 3 days or less prior to the tour’s departure date.

Vacation tours

Refunds will be based on the admission/hotel policy when cancellation is received 31 days or more prior to the tour’s departure date. A refund of 75% of the cost of transportation will be issued when cancellation is received within 4-30 days prior to the tour’s departure date. No refund will be issued when cancellation is received 3 days or less prior to the tour’s departure date.


When making tour reservations, the following information is required: names of each traveler, mailing address, email, home and cell phone number of contact person, additionally the desired pick-up location for each passenger. Overnight tours will require rooming selections as well as any special accommodations requested. Travel insurance is available for purchase.

It is now possible for us to provide boarding information to multiple passengers per reservation, please indicate who should receive boarding information. The person making the reservation assumes responsibility for payment of all passengers within the booking, for that reason we request reservations be made for only the passengers for which you are willing to guarantee payment. Make sure all payment policies are understood prior to making reservations, we enforce our policies in a fair and consistent manner.


All seats in the motorcoach recline and passengers may enjoy a picture-window view. Specific seats may be requested when making reservations, request window or aisle in a designated area of the motorcoach. This is helpful, especially for couples, families or groups. There is a greater chance of preferred seating on the motorcoach when reservations are made early. Spacing between seats varies from motorcoach to motorcoach. If upon boarding, the space between seats is found to be inadequate for a passenger, ask if it’s possible to be reseated, all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate requests.

Special Service

It is the intent of Susquehanna Trailways to comply fully with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). How may we assist you? In order to ensure the arrangement of appropriate accommodations on a passengers behalf, we request advance notification and specific identification of how we may properly assist in the special needs of all customers no less than the date of full payment (14 days, or 30 days for vacations prior to departure). Upon request we will forward a form so you may detail your requests. Passengers suffering from hearing or vision loss may request tour information in alternative formats. We are not liable for the failure of suppliers of travel or other services to comply with their own requirements under ADA; however we will make reasonable efforts to assist in notification. A complete copy of our ADA policy may be found on our website or obtained from our sales staff.

Lost Items

Susquehanna Trailways is not responsible for any personal property, which is left, lost, stolen or damaged on the motorcoach. Double-check all items each time you disembark the motorcoach. If an item is left behind, please call or email our offices with a description of the item, the date, the motorcoach number or driver’s name and approximate location where it was left. We will make every effort to locate your property but are not responsible for such.


Tour escorts are company employees who travel with the group and are available to provide assistance and help assure the comfort and enjoyment of passengers while on board the motorcoach. Escorts are not tour guides; although they may be familiar with specific areas and share information; that is not their function. Responsibilities include assisting the driver, addressing passenger needs and working with suppliers and attractions.

Inclement Weather

In all seasons, weather can affect planned tours. In Winter, tours will depart as scheduled unless otherwise recommended by the State Police. In Summer, all tours will depart as planned, rain or shine, unless we are notified of a cancellation of an event. We are not responsible for lack of notification of a cancellation on the part of a supplier or attraction prior to our scheduled departure. We also reserve the right to alter an itinerary due to weather conditions. We recommend you consult our tour staff regarding cancellation insurance information to protect our money from the effects of weather.

Objectionable Persons

We reserve the right for our employees to remove any passenger who is acting in a disruptive or abusive manner. Such passengers who are posing a safety hazard to themselves, other passengers, will be left in a public area with access to shelter and a telephone. Such passengers will not be eligible for a refund.


Due to Federal Regulations, smoking is NOT permitted on board. We apologize for the inconvenience and will make periodic stops to accommodate smokers.

Alcoholic Beverages

Because we prefer a family friendly atmosphere on our tours, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the passenger area of the motorcoach. Coolers, for later consumption, may be transported in the luggage compartment.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available in our offices and may be purchased in any dollar amount desired. Gift Cards are great for anyone for any occasion. Gift cards are specified for Susquehanna Company Tours only, however if specified at time of purchase, may be purchased for use with a specified charter group. These cards may not be redeemed for cash and are non refundable.

Cell Phones

We recognize it may be necessary for passengers to take or make phone calls while on board the motorcoach. Please be considerate of fellow passengers, keep calls as short as possible while on board and control the volume. At no time should a speaker phone be used. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration of others.

Holiday Schedule

Our business offices located in Williamsport and Avis will be closed for the following scheduled holidays: Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. The offices may be closed additional days around the holidays, please check with the office in advance of the holiday period.

How to Contact Us

Office Hours

Williamsport Tour Office

Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Avis Tour Office
Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm

E-mail Addresses

Tour Department:

Charter Department:


Tour Departure Points

If a specific tour is not departing from your general area, we may be able to arrange shuttle service for a group of ten or more to a specific departure point. Groups of less than 10 may also be accommodated for a nominal fee. Vehicles left at pickup locations are parked at your own risk and are not a responsibility of Susquehanna Trailways or the owner of the particular property.

Departure Locations

Tours Traveling

EAST: Mill Hall, Avis, Williamsport, Muncy, Milton, Bloomsburg

WEST: Muncy, Williamsport, Avis, Mill Hall

NORTH: Mill Hall, Avis, Muncy, Williamsport

SOUTH: Mill Hall, Avis, Williamsport, Muncy, Lewisburg, Selinsgrove


Pickup Locations

  • Mill Hall: Walmart, 167 Hogan Boulevard, Mill Hall, PA
    Lower part of lot off Clinton Lane. NOT AT RUBY TUESDAY’S!
  • Avis: Tour Office, 401 East Central Avenue, Avis, PA
    In front of fenced area, M-F park away from office.
  • Williamsport: Church Street Transportation Center, 11 West Church St., Williamsport, PA
    $5.00 advance parking permit required, or on own.
  • Muncy: Cracker Barrel @ Lycoming Crossings, 260 South Lycoming Mall Road, Muncy, PA
    Park in rear of Cracker Barrel.
  • Milton: Flying J Truck Stop, 1460 North Ridge Road, Milton, PA
    Park 1st row from highway, facing street near restaurant.
  • Buckhorn: TA Truck Stop, 6 Buckhorn Road, Bloomsburg, PA
    Exit 232 I-80. Park near entrance area facing road.
  • Lewisburg: Weis Market, 6901 West Branch Highway, Lewisburg, PA
    Park close to Rt 15 facing highway.
  • Selinsgrove: Community Aid Thrift Store, 1070 North Susquehanna Trail.  Park to right of donation bins facing Rts. 11 & 15